Applicants must include: personal details (name, address and nationality) of the applicant and the creator of the design, one set of drawings or photographs comprising a perspective view and six directional views, the title of the article to be protected and a Power of Attorney signed by the applicant (where a patent attorney is appointed).
An application should have novelty, creativity and industrial applicability, and also comply with the first-to-file rule.
Goods such as clothing, bedding, copy papers, wrapping papers, packing containers, textile fabrics, knitted fabrics and synthetic resins that may be susceptible to passing fads and thus have short life cycles, may be granted registration without substantial examination proceedings. Such article designs may therefore be registered if they only meet formality requirements (unexamined registration).
It generally takes 6 to 9 months for a design applicant to receive an official communication. It only takes 2 to 3 months, however, in the case of an unexamined registration.

Once an unexamined design application is reviewed and gets published, any third party may file an opposition within 3 months of the publication date.
Multiple Applications
For designs eligible for unexamined registration, separate applications must be made for each design. However, design applications for goods that belong to the same category can be filed in a single application for up to 20 designs.

Similar Design
Anyone who is either the owner of a design right or the design applicant may obtain rights for designs similar only to the very design already registered or filed.

Partial Design
Parts of an article, such as the handle of a coffee cup, can be protected as a design.

Image Design
Image designs such as graphic user interfaces (GUI's) and icons displayed on websites, intelligent household appliances and softwares can be protected as designs. Mobile designs are eligible as well.