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Ms. Won-Hee Lee is a leading patent attorney specializing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology rights, with degrees in genetic engineering and pharmaceutical science. As an advisor to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), she was deeply involved in establishing the patent examination guidelines for genetic engineering applications when the Department of Genetic Engineering was newly established at KIPO in 1996.

While maintaining her active involvment in such professional associations as the Korean Patent Attorneys' Association (KPAA) and the Licensing Executives Society (LES) of Korea, Won-Hee Lee is also a member of various academic societies such as the Korean Society of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea. Her social activities include membership of the Korean Woman Entrepreneurs' Association.
Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Teams
In the fields of chemistry and pharmaceuticals, WON International has a long established and highly professional reputation throughout Korea. We have represented prominent research institutes, universities and companies both at home and abroad. With strong backgrounds in industrial and academic research, our patent attorneys provide excellent service in the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical devices; synthetic, fine, polymer and natural product chemistry; metallurgy, nano-materials; food and agricultural sciences; and cosmetics.

The Biotechnology Team
The fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals have been the strengths of WON International since its foundation in 1995. Though it is commonplace in the industry, even among larger firms, not to maintain a separate biotechnology team apart from their chemistry teams, WON International has an independent group of biotechnology experts to better focus and provide to our clients high quality services with expertise. Our active Biotechnology team is staffed with patent attorneys and specialists with strong backgrounds in industrial and academic research.

Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Teams
These teams consist of patent attorneys who majored in mechanical and electronic engineering, as well as staff specialists who have years of experience in writing patent specifications. We have represented well-known research institutes, universities, and companies in these fields. We are doubling our efforts to extend such services to small and medium-sized enterprises, as their importance in new technology fields continues to increase. In addition these teams have considerable experience in handling such cases as medical devices and bioinformatics where various fields converge.
The Department of Trademarks & Design consists of attorneys and staff specializing in trademark and design protection, including specialists in design drawing. In addition to handling trademark applications, this department takes pride both in providing clients with cost-effective solutions and strategic vision, and in its highly successful case record.
The Management Department of WON International is staffed with veterans in the field. In addition, it is equipped with a computerize system of the most advanced technology to efficiently process and handle your applications.

The International Team
Our International staff have many years of experience and practical knowledge of their field. They are proficient in Japanese and English and have good working command of such languages as French, Chinese and German. The International Team works hard to make itself available for you so that you may save your valuable time and avoid the problems of communication and lack of local knowledge that often arise in international applications and legal proceedings.
We can provide you with an expert legal opinion in the fields of technology valuations and license contracts. To maximize our expertise, WON International has built mutual strategic partnerships with prominent attorneys-in-law.